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Unlock Service

Are you stranded? We can help.

Locked out? Call us at 719.260.0399 and we can get you back into your house, office or car today!

Locked out of your house?
It happens to the best of us. You get distracted, your hands are full, the house keys get left inside and you locked the door, you lost your key, or your key is old and doesn’t work anymore. Whatever the circumstances are, we understand and want to help. That is why we are available to help you anytime night or day.

Locked out of your office?
You work hard and have a lot on your mind, we understand. You worked late last night and left your office key on your desk at work, you left them at your last job, or you just need a spare key for other people who work at your location. We can help you sort it all out and get you the key(s) you need to get back to doing business, anytime night or day.

Locked out of your car?
One of your kids got your keys when you were not looking and you are stuck in town. Or they are still hanging from your ignition or got dropped on the floor and the car got locked. Whatever happened, we know how to get you back into your car and back on the road. We are able to provide you with a spare car key anytime night or day.