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Introduction 2

The Car Opening Business

By Dennis Collins & Steve Cormier

Purpose of this Manual
The authors, two individual locksmiths each owning his own successful locksmith business, collaborated in writing this manual to bring you, the new car opening entrepreneur, over thirty-five years of combined knowledge and experience in the car opening business. This information is not available anywhere else.

The purpose of this manual is not to give you specific techniques on how to open cars. We do not teach you how to open cars in this manual. Opening cars is easy; you will become a car opening expert very quickly. It would be redundant for us to teach you how to open cars when all of the car opening techniques you need to learn are explained and illustrated in the manual that comes with the car opening tool set you will purchase separately.

The hardest part of this business is learning the business. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in the areas of advertising and communications can make the difference between success and failure in this business. That is why we have written this manual for you.

Car Opening Expert’s Character
A car opening expert is an exceedingly honest man. He has good habits and a keen sense of right and wrong. He cooperates with the police at all times, and never opens a car if he has any doubt about the honesty of the customer. The car opening expert is honorable with a good reputation. He must preserve the confidence and trust that has been built up over many years. He must keep himself above suspicion at all times. The public has a high opinion of the car opening expert so he must always act with integrity and use good judgment.

DENNIS COLLINS… I would like to congratulate you on your exciting new lockout service business. In my opinion the lockout service business is one of the easiest businesses to own and operate. You can make your total investment back very quickly by opening just a few cars.

Before we begin, I would like to tell you a little something I learned about being successful. In order to become successful you must be willing to start setting goals for yourself. If you are not willing to take the necessary time and the effort to reach your goals and realize your dreams... why bother?

However, if you are excited about the potential of making a good income and working for yourself, this manual is for you. We will help you reach those goals and realize those dreams. This is a business you can build as big as you want it to be!

A little about myself, I have worked for several different locksmith companies over the last sixteen years. Most locksmith companies are mom and ¬pop operations, so I worked very closely with the owners and was involved in every aspect of their business. The first job I had with a locksmith company was the hardest job I ever had in my life. I worked seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day for a salary of $175 a week. I received no commissions, no benefits, no overtime pay, or anything extra and I did this for three years. I kept this job because I loved the trade and we lived in such a small town that I believed this was my only employment opportunity in locksmithing. I quit when I finally burned out. Looking back on it now, I can see that in three years I gained the equivalent of almost ten years of locksmithing experience and more practical business experience than I could have ever learned in school. I was surprised at how easy it is to get another locksmithing position if you have some experience. This is true even today; there is a shortage of locksmiths. I also discovered that most of these companies are learning the trade as they go, so don’t let the fact that you are a beginner bother you. Most locksmiths, though they will not admit it, feel like beginners as well.

I want to emphasize to you that hard work alone will not make you successful in this business. You must know how to “work smart” and that is exactly what we will teach you.

I became successful because I was determined to make it happen. I had come to a point in my life where I just could not stand to work for anyone else any more!  I thought of all the money I had made for my employers and I was having trouble paying the rent on my small apartment!  Just four years after I started my own business I moved out of that small apartment and into a brand new two-story house that I had custom built. My service van is a full size Chevrolet right off the showroom floor. That is a huge jump in lifestyle in only four years!

You must begin setting goals. My first goal in this business was to set the date that I would become self-employed. I had no money and no one to help, but I was determined to do this and I found a way. You can too, it takes a lot of “smart work” and the hours can be long at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The idea of writing this manual came to me after years of hearing my customers saying to me, “$65 for that? I should be in your business.” I heard this so many times that I began wondering why there weren’t more of us doing this. The answer is simple. If you do not know the right approach, this business can be almost impossible to get into. Suppliers will not sell to you, people in the car opening business will not talk to you, and everyone will tell you that you can’t do this.

Locksmithing has always been a very secretive trade... until now. We all have the same rights, privileges, and opportunities. Anyone can be a locksmith and I’m going to show you how to make a good living doing it. You may not agree with everything presented to you here, that’s fine. If you have other ideas, try them that’s how you learn. I know these methods work very well for me, and they will work for you too. I would like to say thank you for purchasing this manual and wish you good luck.

STEVE CORMIER, I became a car opening expert from a slightly different background. I was a lot like most people that I knew. I had a dead end job and I was going no place very fast. I had set a goal to become self-employed at some time in my life, but things did not happen quite as fast as I thought. Here is how I started in the locksmithing and car opening field.

In the early ’70s I jumped from job to job trying to find some type of work that was satisfying and paid well. Money was important but if the job was too boring money did not seem to matter as much. Every time I found a satisfying job, the pay would not support my needs.

Then things started to change for me about ten years ago. I started with a company that sold hardware to all the local hardware stores and locksmith shops in the state of Colorado and one of the product lines was keys. Over time I became acquainted with many of the locksmiths in my area by going into their shops to sell them keys. This, in itself, was not the miracle cure for the monotonous jobs. What it did do was show me the car opening side of locksmithing. Those secrets are what we are sharing with you in this book. Being persistent, I finally gathered enough information to become more and more interested in this great opportunity of locksmithing and car opening. I decided to get more familiar with the idea of working as a locksmith and ordered a correspondence course through the mail. It took two months to get the courage to quit my regular job, although there was a little outside encouragement… money, free time, and no boss. Downsizing of the company that I worked for also helped me make my decision, I should thank that company. With the company in the slumps I needed a new job, and this gave me the opportunity to become self-employed.

I kept seeing locksmiths making lots of money and doing very little to get it. This is how I came to the realization that you can make a very good living opening cars. You do not have to know everything or be a top notch locksmith to open cars and make a very comfortable living.

Keep in mind that I followed the steps in this manual even though they were not in writing. The different sections of this book come from the experiences I have every day. I learned each and every part the hard way.

Are you wondering if I am a locksmith? The answer is yes; I am and will be for a long time to come. I enjoy being a car opening expert and helping other people. This has become second nature to me.

This is the best job I’ve ever had and that’s one reason why you should consider this opportunity very seriously. Enjoy the money, the extra time, and the freedom. I was forced into this career change by circumstances; but if I had had a manual like this one, the choice would have been a simple one from the very start.