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Introduction 1

The Biz

So… do you think you might like to be in this business?

Looks like fun right?

That’s because it is!

The Car Opening Business

After about a gazillion times of hearing our customers say “sixty five dollars for that! I should be in your business!” the idea came to me to write a book about the business of unlocking cars. The title of this book is The Car Opening Business.

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This is a very interesting book and you’ll learn a lot about the locksmithing business in general.

This is a copyrighted book and you are not allowed to copy any part of it for any reason.

About The Book

This book was published in December 1997

Many things have changed since this book was written. Business in general has changed drastically. Cars are now using laminated glass in the doors. Yellow page directory phone books are dying out and a lot of bad people have swarmed into this industry making it very hard to compete.

This business is now saturated with scammers and that’s what I mean by bad people. They advertise $15.00 -$19.95 and up lockouts but after they open your car they will charge you $150.00 and up!

Or they will give you a price that you think is firm and then add a trip charge and labor!

I do not want to do business that way and I hope you don’t want you to either!

This book has received many fabulous reviews and has a 5 star rating on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it and remember to “Like Us”, "Friend Us", "Comment Us", "Plus Us" on all of our social media links.