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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Budget Lock And Key?

Do you make keys?

Do you make car keys?

Even if I don’t have any car keys?

Are you open right now?
If I answer the phone, YES

How much does a key cost?
Are we making a copy of a key that you have or replacing a lost key? Prices vary from a few dollars to several hundred for a switchblade remote automotive key. Call and tell us what you need and we can give you an exact price right over the phone.

Can you make a car key from the VIN number?
Yes and no. The VIN number does not contain any information about cutting a key for your car. That number has to be referenced to a dealership database to find the key code for your vehicle. Some of these databases only go back five years and sometimes your key code is just not on file. This information is not given to us no charge and that is why it is not cheaper to make the key this way.

Is it cheaper to get a car key made if I have the VIN Number?
No. The VIN number on every vehicle is displayed in several places, the most obvious being the lower left hand corner of the windshield. The VIN number for any vehicle can be seen from outside the vehicle by looking for the small metal tag on the dash in front of the steering column.

Is it cheaper to just get a valet key made for my car?
No, it is not cheaper. It takes the same amount of time, skills, and equipment to get the job done only the key is cut on a valet blank instead of the master blank. There is no difference in cost to pass savings on to you.

If I purchase a key blank online, will you cut and program it?
No. We both will lose on that deal. I have wasted way too much time and money on this. I understand trying to save money but there is just too much junk being sold online. These blanks ruin our equiptment and won’t program half the time. They are usually very poor quality and if we can get them to work at all they won’t last very long and you will have to buy another one. Don’t waste your money.

I lost my car keys, should I use the dealership or a Locksmith to replace them?

What does it mean to Re-Key a lock?

Should I Re-Key my locks when I move into a new place?

Can you make all the locks on my house work on the same key?
Yes, if all the locks will accept the same key blank. Take one of your working keys and see if it will go all the way into the keyways or keyholes of all of your locks, if it will, they can all be made to work on the same key. Different lock manufacturers have different keyways, so if you have a mix of different brands of locks the keys may not enter each others keyways or keyholes and in that case they can not be made to work on the same key. Let’s say you have four Kwikset Brand locks and one Schlage Brand, these keys will not go into each others keyways or keyholes so they can not be made to work on the same key. You may need to replace one or two locks if you want to have all your locks work on the same key.

What is a Lockout?
You have keys but they are locked inside of your car, home, or business and you do not need keys made you just need something opened or unlocked.

Why call a Locksmith when locked out of your car?

Is there a master key for everything?
No there is not a set of master keys that will open everything and not everything is master keyed.

What is a master key?

Why doesn’t the key I had made at the hardware store work?


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The Biz

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The Car Opening Business

By Dennis Collins & Steve Cormier

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